Cosmetics tackling the problem of pigment spots on the skin.

Antispotique Daily bleaching cream

It is designed to reduce pigment spots and lighten skin tone. It contains SPF protection against harmful UV rays.

Antispotique Night whitening cream

It takes care of reducing pigment spots and unifying skin tone. Results are seen as early as 1 week of cream use. 

Antispotique Serum

It contains a very strong concentration of lightening agents. At the same time, it affects the natural processes in the skin, preventing the formation of new pigment spots. 

Antispotique Body Lotion

Depigmentation body lotion is designed to reduce pigment spots on the body - especially in the décolletage area, on the shoulders, arms, back and nails of the hands. It lightens and unifies the skin.

Antispotique Brightening micellar water

Micellar water is designed to gently treat the skin and remove make-up. Alongside perfect makeup, it also helps with reducing pigment spots.