Bioactive marine collagen Collamedic 100% purity from Norway for wrinkle-free skin, beautiful hair and nails.

COLLAMEDIC collagen powder

Collamedic® premium bioactive marine collagen bags deliver the best collagen quality for skin to users. This collagen ranks among the strongest products on the market. 

COLLAMEDIC hyaluronic anti-wrinkle serum with collagen

Collagen anti-age serum specially developed based on biotech research from natural active ingredients for skin softening and wrinkle reduction. Highly active collagen increases elasticity and overall skin brightness.


Hair vitamins contain the proprietary KeranatTM substance, which strengthens hair roots. The results of the studies show a 50% reduction in hair loss.

COLLAMEDIC capsules with hyaluronic acid and collagen

Collagen capsules bring users the best collagen quality for the skin. The combination of complementary substances causes significant skin softening and wrinkle loss. 

COLLAMEDIC body lotion

Collagen and hyaluronic acid containing body lotion absorbs beautifully, leaves no greasy sensation and smells amazing.

COLLAMEDIC hand cream

The cream contains high-quality patented substances that counteract skin ageing. It gives her quality care and prevents irritation, dryness and itching sensations.


Vitamin C plays an important role in the formation of the body's own collagen. Thanks to micropellet technology, the body is supplied with vitamin C continuously and uses it more efficiently. 

COLLAMEDIC collagen shower gel

The shower gel contains natural washing ingredients that prevent dehydration of the skin and enhance the skin's natural microbiome, making it wonderfully soft. 

COLLAMEDIC hair shampoo with collagen

Hair shampoo acts on the hair follicle and stimulates hair growth due to the high concentration of caffeine. Hydrolysed keratin hair strengthens and prevents further damage. 

COLLAMEDIC conditioner with collagen

Hair conditioner contains hydrolysed keratin, which strengthens the hair and prevents it from being damaged further. Collagen peptides support the ability to restore the skin and hair.