La Daumé

Luxury anti-age cosmetics containing the best anti-wrinkle ingredients.

La Daumé eye cream

Eye cream with a vibrating applicator is a unique combination of the best ingredients and modern technology to help absorb the cream, massage the eye area and gently cool the swelling. 80% of women see a significant reduction in the wrinkles of the eye area. 

La Daumé deep wrinkle skin serum

It is a highly hydrating and smoothing skin serum that contains an effective combination of hyaluronic acid, peptides and plant stem cells from the Goya. 

La Daumé anti-wrinkle rejuvenating day cream

Daily cream of your skin will bring hydration and visible rejuvenation. It contains an effective combination of peptides, ceramides, prebiotics, vitamin E, opuncia oil, amino acids and Goya stem cells to help effectively reduce wrinkles and alleviate signs of ageing.

Nourishing night cream against wrinkles La Daumé

Your skin's nourishing night cream will provide hydration and a unique combination of ceramides and peptides. The skin's natural protective function is restored and strengthened. Goji stem cells help to turn skin off and rejuvenate it. 

Filling base under make-up La Daumé

Lightweight, smoothing base beneath make-up or eyeshadow. Effectively fills fine lines. The skin is soft and fresh even without further makeup. In addition, the underlying base supports collagen production.

La Daumé rejuvenating body lotion

Deep hydrating body lotion that will nourish your skin perfectly. It thickens the skin and reduces the manifestations of cellulite. It doesn't leave a greasy feeling and you'll love its luxurious scent. 

Anti-aging drink La Daumé

Drink contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, probiotics and prebiotics. It has a positive effect on the skin, connective tissues and musculoskeletal apparatus and stops ageing.

Anti-aging vitamins La Daumé

The capsules are a unique dietary supplement to promote beauty and health. They contain valuable active ingredients like fruit extracts and green tea. Furthermore, vitamins to support the function of vision, the normal condition of the skin, bones, hair and nails.