Complex dietary supplements, focusing on different vitamins.

NaturVit Omega 3

OMEGA 3 capsules are a supplement to a diet containing Vitamin E, a concentrated form of semi-unsaturated fatty acid known as EPA and DHA, found in fish oil.

Variants: 30, 90 pcs

NaturVit Vitamin C

Vitamin C is among the most important vitamins in the human body. It significantly aids the process of absorbing iron from food and is also very important for a person's energy metabolism.

Variants: 30, 90 pcs 

NaturVit CLA

CLA 1,000 mg capsules containing unsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid are a dietary supplement that helps to break down fat in the body.

NaturVit HCA

Capsules of HCA 470 mg containing natural, biologically active hydroxycitric acid (HCA) are a dietary supplement that helps to reduce body fat. 

NaturVit LeanGard

LeanGard® capsules contain a proprietary blend of active ingredients that promote saturation sensation, fat reduction in the body and subsequent weight loss.

NaturVit D3

Dietary supplement NaturVit Vitamin D3 1000 IU stands out for its high active ingredient content. Vitamin D3 is important for maintaining bone and muscle health.